Whether you’re looking to grow your vinyl collection or need to get rid of those unappreciated records from your shelf, pay the Vinyl Swap Box in Leslieville a visit.

Created by Matt Durant, the Vinyl Swap Box is a community box located outside Durant’s studio where people can drop off a record, pick up a record and discover something new.

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Similar to Little Free Libraries, there are no rules and people can take or leave a record as they please.

Vinyl enthusiasts don’t need to worry about leaving the albums outside, as the record box is equipped with a plastic casing, so everything inside will be protected from the elements.

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Local artists and bands are also encouraged to drop off their demos in all formats, so people can have the chance to hear their work.

If you’re in the mood to discover some new music, the community vinyl box can be found at 1401 Queen Street East.

You can get updates on what records are dropped off by following Vinyl Swap Box on Instagram.

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