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    How a Weed Dispensary Saved Canada Post

    As a Canadian I’ve come to rely on Canada Post for all my business deliveries. And while it may not be perfect, it does the job (for the most part). I don’t know if many of you remember, but just last year Canada Post was going to take job action due to issues with their contracts and pensions. This would have been devastating for many business owners, and realistically the general public would suffer heavily from our postal service going down. While it may be a minor blip on the radar, a good friend and I discussed the possibility of how and why a Weed Dispensary saved Canada Post.

    Mail Order Marijuana to the Rescue

    While it may not be the sole rescuer of Canada Post…. it being a minor help is an interesting theory. To think where Canada Post would be if the online Weed Dispensary business didn’t start booming, is an funny thought. Clearly there are many factors that go into re-negotiating contracts. Avoiding a work stand off with it’s employees is a must, losing weeks or months of business may be devastating to companies. Maybe Canada Post itself wouldn’t go under, but what about the mom and pop companies it supports. CP relies on these businesses to keep its platform healthy and strong. Washing away the foundations of a business, house, or building will always lead to the collapse of it’s structure. Licensed Producers alone have bumped up the mail floating around in Canada, but their reach is limited. Here comes Mail Order Marijuana to the rescue. I chose an online Weed Dispensary for all my cannabis needs, and every time it has come through Canada Post. This got a few pals and I thinking,how much cannabis get’s delivered through CP? It’s safe to say thousands of packages a day, which at the end of the month equals to an enormous amount of marijuana that CP has delivered. I chose Herb Approach, and they alone seem very, very busy with all the new strains and products they’re carrying. To imagine all the flowers Canada Post has delivered is ridiculous. Possibly even enough to keep their boat afloat while it sails the seven seas. Obviously that is quite a stretch, and truthfully it might have zero to no affect. But it was fun to sit around and think about how Canada Post has basically become a Weed Dispensary.


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